Best Medan Attractions for Tourists

Indonesia offers a lot of destinations for both domestic and international tourists. For a culinary and cultural trip, Medan, a capital city of North Sumatra Province, is a great place to start your journey. The following paragraph will explain briefly about several recommended Medan attractions for travelers around the world.

Medan offers a lot of tourist attractions that you can do when you travel to Medan. You can read some of them on the list below.

  • Going to Medan Post Office: this post office is located in the middle of Medan and can be considered as one among the most distinct buildings within the area. Constructed in 1911, the era of Dutch Colonial, this building was originally designed by an architect from Netherlands, which make this building very distinct with its classic European architecture. If you want to feel the ambience of old European ambience without having to go to Europe, you can visit this post office. It is also very picturesque to be captured on your camera.
  • Enjoying Medan’s nightlife in Cafe Raya: there aren’t a lot of cafe in Medan that sell alcoholic beverages due to the majority of Muslim living in the city. However, if you feel like grabbing some beers to relieve your stress, Cafe Raya is the right place to go. This cafe is situated in the middle of the town and it serves various international cuisine and several simple Indonesian friend rice and noodles. This place is very popular among tourists, both domestic and international due to its location, which is near guesthouse and hotels.
  • Tasting foods at Garuda Restaurant: for those who wish to taste the quintessential Medan cuisine, this restaurant is the best place to visit. There are some Garuda Restaurant around the city and you can just go to the closest one with your stay. The main menu of this restaurant is the infamous Nasi Padang or Padang Rice. The restaurant’s staff will provide you a plate of rice and around twenty small dishes with different sauces, vegetables, fish, and curries. The highlights of these dishes are spicy eggplant, potato cakes, and beef curry or better known as rendang.
  • Going to Mesjid Raya Al Mashun: this mosque is the main mosque in Medan and can be considered as the most beautiful mosque in Medan. It was constructed using imported materials, including Italian marble. You are allowed to wander around the mosque and admire the elegant details exhibited by the architecture. The highlights of this mosque are the dark exquisite domes, wonderful stain glass, and emerald green tiles. Non-worshippers are allowed to take a tour outside prayer hours and expected to dress politely to respect the holy place.

There are still a lot of things you can do to enjoy your vacation in Medan. A longer trip may be needed to explore all the attractions provided by this city. But if you only have short time for your vacation, the activities mentioned above should be enough to give you a wonderful trip.

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