Best T-shirt Fabrics for Your Custom T shirt, Pick The Best of The Best for You!

When it comes to printing t-shirt, there are many things that you need to think about. The purpose, the amount or the t-shirt fabrics. We should agree that we are not fabric experts that precisely know what the right t-shit fabrics for the t-shirt printing. And, we understand your problem! As one of the professional custom t-shirt service, we would like to educate you some t-shit fabrics which are best for t-shirt printing. So, your jobs just to decide which the fabric you want to have to be printed!

The high-quality t-shirt fabrics are not always the price. You also should think what the material is, how the fabric is designed to be used, and how it feels when wearing on. First, we recommend you to pick Cotton. As you know that Cotton fabrics are the natural fabrics which will perfectly absorb the color. And you will get the perfect custom t shirt. Cotton is soft, breathable, durable and affordable. It is perfect for casual everyday wear. In fact, there are several types of Cotton including Combed Cotton, Organic Cotton, Supima Cotton, and Slub Cotton.

In addition, the t-shirt is also made from linen. For your information, linen has a textured weave and is made from the flax plant. This t-shirt fabric is highly recommended because it is breathable, lightweight, as well as moisture. This t-shirt printing fabric is best for summer wear. Spandex or Lycra is a stretchy material. This t-shirt fabric is the right fabric for those who want to custom athletic apparel for some events or company. In fact, it offers an easy movement to who is wearing it. You can also pick Polyester as the right fabric for your t-shirt printing sports apparel. It is an extremely strong fabric and retains its shape or resist stretching.

There are still many t-shirt fabrics for your custom t shirt. We have Rayon is the alternative and more affordable choice of silk material. It is a natural fiber which is made from cotton, plants, or trees. It also easily wrinkle so you may need ironing. It is perfect for athletic wear because it is breathable, soft, and silky. For shirt printing, you can use Blends t-shirt fabrics is a fabric combination of two or more materials. Commonly, it is a combination of cotton, polyester, and rayon. By combining those material means that you will have both results. This t-shirt fabric will produce great strength as well as wrinkle-resistance for the polyester blend.

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